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Health Canada and European Commission Release Consumer Product Reports
24 March 2015
Health Canada and the European Commission and have each released public reports on safety incidents or non-compliances related to consumer products in 2014.
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Countries of the Americas to Exchange Product Safety Information through New Recall-Sharing Program
18 March 2015
Regulators in the United States, Canada, Mexico and nations of Central and South America are now able to quickly and reliably exchange information about consumer product recalls, thanks to a new information technology system through which countries can share product safety alerts across borders.
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The Future of Ethical Manufacturing Q&A with Carmel Giblin, President and CEO of ICTI CARE
2 March 2015
The U.S. Toy Industry Association recently spoke with Carmel Giblin to discuss her key objectives as she begins her new role as head of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) CARE Foundation. As President and CEO, Giblin will lead the development and improvement of the ICTI CARE Process, which was established in 2003 to ensure a safe and fair workplace environment for toy factory workers around the world.
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What is the
ICTI CARE Process?

The CARE (Caring, Awareness, Responsible, Ethical) Process is the International Council of Toy Industries' (ICTI) program to promote ethical manufacturing, in the form of fair labor treatment, as well as employee health and safety, in the toy industry supply chain worldwide. Its initial focus is in China, where 80 percent of the world's toy volume is manufactured. Its intent is to provide a single, fair, thorough and consistent program to monitor toy factories' compliance with ICTI's Code of Business Practices (the "Code").

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